Mentoring Budding Authors

Our founder, Ekta Ohri, has also started mentoring young kids (Grade 4 onwards) through online and offline platforms to help them write and illustrate their own stories. 

The intent is not only to make them better communicators, but also critical and design thinkers to enable them to embrace change, imbibe an innovative mindset, and continuously improve their problem-solving skills to thrive in today’s fast-paced environment.

Through the process of mentoring, children will also inculcate thought processes that make them emotionally resilient and mentally strong and values such as love for nature, time appreciation, and patience, which will make them better professionals and smarter citizens instead of only smarter students.

Parent Testimonials

“I’m glad we approached Ms Ohri with Utsa’s stories, before deciding to publish them as-is. There was a wealth of information Utsa got that helped her look at her own story from a different lens, give life to worthy incidents, and craft it better. She also worked on her artistic abilities by illustrating rather complex drawings, for her age with MS. Ohri’s encouragement and direction. That just made the final book much more valuable, meaningful, and impactful both in terms of content and imagery.” 

 Ms. Namrata Dhar

Interested in getting your child mentored?

Please reach out to us through our Contact Us Page for more info 

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