Mentoring Young Authors

“I am a parent of an almost 7-year-old child, who recently had the privilege of attending a storytelling session by you at her school. She is a fan!   I have been wishing for her to find a mentor who could see through her stories and guide her so as to share them with the world. I would be most grateful if you could be that mentor.”

– Ms. Namrata Dhar, Mother of Utsa Banerjee

Our founder – Ms. Ekta Ohri, met Utsa, a Grade 1 student, during an author session she conducted at her school in Dec 2021. A year later, we are super happy to announce the release of her book titled – NOT OKAY? THAT’S OKAY!  Ms. Ohri not only helped Utsa in structuring her thoughts better, making her story more powerful by bringing out hidden emotions, but also enhancing her illustrations through their Monday mentoring sessions.
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