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Nurturing kids as responsible, compassionate, and happier human beings!

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We design and publish value-creating books for children (4-10 yrs), conduct author speak/interactive workshops at schools, and mentor budding writers, using principles of critical and design thinking. The larger mission is to nurture happier kids, families, and societies as we strongly believe that children are the key agents of behavioral change that we wish to see in society. Know more about us here

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I’m glad we approached Ms Ohri with Utsa’s stories, before deciding to publish them as-is. There was a wealth of information Utsa got that helped her look at her own story from a different lens, give life to worthy incidents, and craft it better. She also worked on her artistic abilities by illustrating rather complex drawings, for her age with MS. Ohri’s encouragement and direction.

Namrata Dhar

The learners just couldn’t stop talking about the takeaways from the session once it was over. This, hands down, says a lot about the engagement and interest that Ekta was able to create during those 30 minutes. Our learners look forward to reading all of her books now!

Ms. Jaya Thakural, Grade 1 Teacher, Pathways School, Baliawas, Gurugram

My 4 yo loves following Abdu's adventures and journey of growth. There are so many other subtle undercurrents of kindness, good family dynamics, gender equality, etc that makes 'City of Stars' storybook a very wholesome read.

Vaishali BK

Your team conducted a wonderful session for grade 2 students enriching them with the cause, effect and ways to prevent indoor air pollution. It was a delight to see our students interacting and participating equally with your team. You took care of each minute detail as per their interest by using props and storytelling. We look forward to more of such sessions, with you in the future.

Palak Gupta, Teacher and Team Lead, Kunsskappskolan School, Gurugram

My 7 year old daughter Aarika, is in love with your book 'The City of Stars'. Aarika becomes Abdu, and all of us recite the dialogues of respective mother and father.

Saurabh Bhardwaj

This book is full of surprises. One may think that it is just about Gulmohar tree but it’s not. This books is an example on how we teach our kids Botony, geography, environment and empathy just from one topic. We are already fan “ city of stars” by the same author and kids got excited to see the name Abdu in it. Luckily we have a Gulmohar tree in our community and can’t wait to take kids along with book to show them . This book will also act as good learning resource.

Kamana Gautam

Today was fabulous…We enjoyed listening to the interesting story and talk on our current pollution situation. Thank you for reading to us during the Book Week.

Ms. Sonica Mehra, Teacher, The British School, New Delhi

'Little Collector's Passport' is one of the best buys I had for my 3.5 year old. He was so excited to see this and has become my son's constant companion, so much so, I had to buy one for my daughter, who is 8. A must buy for any parent who wants their kids to have a deeper experience of the travel.

Paurush Sharma

'City of Stars Calendar Book' is a wonderful interactive book that takes you on a year long journey of saving our planet by changing bad habits that impact it. It certainly made a star gazer out of my daughter.

Hemruchi Shah

The session was really amazing and the action element you brought out was perfect!

Ms. Vineeta, Grade 2 Teacher, The Hill Spring International School, Mumbai
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