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A value-creating learning initiative

LitJoys is a value-creating learning venture that connects kids (4-10 yrs) to nature and nurtures them to become responsible, compassionate, and happier human beings!

We write and design real-life storybooks and learning activities that intend to bring behavioural change in children and instill humane values to address everyday parenting challenges as well as larger societal issues. They also connect children to nature to enhance their observation skills, increase their attention span, and make them more curious to nurture them to become better thinkers and feelers. Our books, written in a simple, yet fun, conversational style and designed in innovative formats, spark an interest in reading in kids across age groups.

"Nothing in this world is as pure and as beautiful as the eyes of children.
Their eyes are always seeking nature and living things."
- Daisaku Ikeda

What We Offer

Core Learning Values

We, at LitJoys, are not just selling products but instilling key values of wisdom, compassion, and courage in children from an early age.


Knowledge does not necessarily provide wisdom. Children who grow up with a strong sense of right and wrong become wiser and more capable individuals.


Children don't grow up to be fearful on their own, it's often the parents who pass on their fears and anxieties to them. True education means raising human beings who are fearless and possess the strength to overcome any obstacle.


No matter how much knowledge we have imparted to children, if they grow up to be cold-hearted and mechanical, unable to feel anything even when seeing others in pain or suffering, then all will be wasted.

Ekta Ohri

Meet Our Founder

Ekta has a background in architecture, visual and critical studies (California College of the Arts) and anthropology (Northwestern University). 

She has several years of experience designing products, services and systems, to address business and social innovation challenges of multilateral, nonprofit and corporate organisations worldwide. She has authored many children’s books and conducted several author speak sessions in schools across India. She is the mother of an 8-year-old boy, who has sensitized her to modern-day parenting challenges and has also been the greatest inspiration behind her entrepreneurial journey.

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