Hindi Riddle Book – Inspiration

InsipirationsHindi Riddle Book – Inspiration

Hindi Riddle Book – Inspiration

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If someone were to ask me, what was my favourite subject in school, I would say Maths and Hindi! Yes, HINDI! So when I became a mother, I made it a point to speak and read to my son in Hindi from a very young age, also because I knew the importance of raising bilingual kids for brain development. However, when he turned 5 and started learning to read on his own, he only picked up English storybooks. Though he was learning to read and write Hindi in school, I realised he did not have any interest in the language. 

When Covid struck and I had to often pull my hair to get him to do Hindi assignments, it dawned on me even more that if I was struggling to get my child to learn Hindi, what a big challenge would it be for other parents. When I learnt that the parents often pass on this responsibility to the grandparents, who also find it challenging to teach Hindi to children, I decided to take on the challenge myself.

Thus, I started designing this book that would not only help kids learn Hindi in a super fun way, but also build a true love for the language! Not to mention that I had to revisit my own Hindi while designing the book  🙂


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